Winchester Science Festival

After my performance of The Fire show at the Winchester Science Festival I was interviewed. Not by any of these rank amateurs like the BBC but by……

The Pod Delusion!!

I am so excited right now. The episode will be a special on the Winchester Science Festival I believe, to be broadcast later this summer.

As far as I’m concerned I’ve made it, I’m up with the SciComm greats like Simon Watt and Punk Science, who, incidentally, were also at the science festival. I was lucky enough to catch their shows and they were great. I even got a signed copy of the Punk Scientists’ new book 🙂

Science Festival - Punk Science Space Book

Punk Science Space Book!


Simon did a show about Mutants, which I watched from the side of the stage as I was packing away, and was really good. It’s mainly aimed at secondary school children and is about genetics. However it went down really well with the family audience in front of him.

Punk Science did their Supermassive Space show, all about how astronauts are chosen for space missions. Again, it was excellent, loads of comedy and everyone enjoyed it.

It’s a shame I couldn’t spend more time at the science festival, but I had to go as soon as I’d packed up after watching the Punk Science show. I wanted to get to Liverpool, where I was going to see the Dragon Harald Fairhair, the largest reconstructed Viking longship ever made. It’s 115 feet long (35m to modern people) and has come over from Norway. It returns on the 3rd August, so there’s not much time to see it. You can book here if you want a tour.

So, it was a great weekend. Performing at a science festival then travelling hundreds of miles to go and see a Viking longship. What more could a Science Viking want?

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