Vikings in Schools

Vikings in Schools


Bjarni Thorvaldrson can come to your school and tell you what it was actually like to be a Viking. Warrior and trader, settler and farmer, he has seen it all. Bjarni will visit your school and tell tales of his experiences, and show you how people lived in the age of the Vikings, offering a hands-on approach to your pupils as he takes them back to life during the 8th-11th Century.

Vikings in School


Vikings in Schools - Relaxing

What was it like to be a Viking warrior, or trader, or farmer? What gods were worshipped, what did they eat, what did they wear? Were men and women treated equally? What games did children play? What was it like to fight a battle with Vikings? Bjarni will answer these questions, and many more.We operate within the national curriculum Key Stage Two ‘Invaders and Settlers’ framework, enhancing the learning experience for your pupils. Communication and enquiry skills can develop better when your pupils can talk to a real live Viking, and touch and handle reproduction artifacts and weapons.

We offer cost-effectiveness for your school, compared to taking your pupils to visit external museums and specialist centres, and can tailor our presentations to your schools’ specific requirements.

We also offer for sale a comprehensive resource book for Key Stage Two teachers covering many other aspects of Invaders and Settlers, enabling your teachers to expand on the topics introduced by our presentations. Many of the pages in the book may be photocopied for your classroom use.

Don’t forget our free Experiment With the Vikings cross-curricular STEM resource, which you can, download here.

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