Viking Shows

Viking Shows


Historicl Festivals - Vikings at Egremont Castle


Nothing is quite as awe-inspiring or spectacular as a group of Vikings, in full chainmail armour and round shields, carrying long axes, swords and spears, bearing down on you bellowing their war cries.

SV Educational Services is able to offer you a full Viking warband, fresh off the longship, to entertain your audience with battles, skirmishes and the chance to chat to the Vikings, try on the chainmail and handle the weapons and equipment.


Based on the West coast of Cumbria, Bjarni Thorvaldrson and his group of Viking mercenaries will entertain your visitors all through the day and even educate them a bit without them realising it.

We can provide your event with a range of options, ranging from a single Viking warrior to an entire army with a full living history encampment of craftsmen and other camp followers.

Our specialist re-enactors take pride in the accuracy and authenticity of their equipment, all based on actual archaeological finds. Our combat is safe, unscripted and ferocious, and will have your visitors wondering how the warriors manage to get up again after the battle without injuries.

Our Living History displays give an insight into life in a Viking encampment, either on their way to raid a village or with their families, looking to settle in the area.

If you are interested in booking us for your event, please contact us through the link above and we will call you back to discuss your requirements. Please note that we mainly operate in the North West of England, but can put you in touch with a local group if we cannot help you ourselves.

Historical Festivals - A full scale battle between Viking and Saxon armies

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