The Lindisfarne Gospels Workshop

“A very engaging morning. The children were interested and motivated. They really enjoyed making their own inks and both staff and pupils were fascinated by the process!”

On our new feedback form (long overdue) the Excellent box was ticked for the quality of the workshop.

Sandra Cummings, Y5 Teacher, Black Combe Junior School, Millom

“Dear Terry,

Thank you so much for your visit to Seascale Year 5. Your workshop as Brother Mellitus was a fantastic learning experience for all of our class. In the words of one girl, it was “a history, a science and a literacy lesson all in one!”

The children were taken on an atmospheric journey into the past, where the desire to make written and lasting records necessitated experimentation with inks and mark-making tools. They learned how to make ink by grinding gallnuts using stones and slates and suspended this powder in liquid for writing purposes. They used quills sharpened with a penknife to write on antiqued manuscript paper using their hand made ink.  Brother Mellitus was informative and engaging and the children were captivated by the entire experience of his visit. It was obvious that the class would have enjoyed another session of writing using the quill and ink once they had mastered controlling the flow of ink!

I would highly recommend a visit from Brother Mellitus. All of the learning from the visit was delivered within the context of the Lindisfarne Gospels. Your teaching was well-informed and your authoritative delivery style matched the needs and age of the class, as well as the demands of your position as Brother Mellitus!

Thank you so much for your visit!”

Penny Thompson

Class Teacher, Year 5

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