Science Smackdown

Professor Boffin vs. Professor Pumpernickel: Science Smackdown


Two of the greatest names in science show-business have joined forces to bring you the greatest science show on Earth!


Science Smackdown: the Professors
With 20 demonstrations that show a wide range of scientific concepts, ranging from optical illusions to some very loud bangs, this sixty minute show is action packed and will leave the audience gasping, laughing and scratching their heads, but leaving with a brain full of science learning.

Science Smackdown - Hydrogen ExplosionThe content spans biology, chemistry and physics and is explained at a level tailored for the age group of the children in the audience. We have chosen very carefully which demonstrations to perform, mainly for their amazing wow factor and interactivity so that the children remain captivated and eager to learn how or why they work. The audiences job is to vote at the end of the show for who they think is the greatest professor, based upon the quality of their demonstrations and, most importantly, the clarity of their explanations.

Science Smackdown - Whoosh BottleThe delivery is a mildly comedic play-off between the two professors, who are chalk and cheese in their characters, actually playing on and challenging two common scientific stereotypes. With plenty of chances for audience participation and volunteering, this show will keep you talking about it for ages afterwards.

Professor Pumpernickel also does his own solo science shows. You can find out more about him here.

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Setting up:

This show needs an initial set-up time of 90 minutes, with 30 minutes turnaround between shows.

Additional Equipment Needed:

Access to electricity, water, washing-up facilities and two tables.

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