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Experiment With the Vikings


We wrote tExperiment With the Vikings Resourcehis free PDF for the Royal Society of Chemistry to integrate STEM into the Vikings topic for primary schools and home educators. It contains nearly 50 activities that can be done at home or in the classroom using non-specialist equipment. Click on the picture to download the resource.

Experiment With the Vikings comprehensively covers the key aspects of study of the Vikings at primary school level:

Why did the Vikings invade the British Isles?

Why were the Vikings so effective at warfare and raiding?

What was everyday life like in Viking times?

How do archaeologists find out about people and life in Viking times?



RSC Science Ideas Webs


To continue the cross-curricular Science and History theme the RSC has published a series of free science ideas webs covering topics from the Stone Age, all the way up to World War Two and, also, the Space Age.

You can download the Viking science ideas web directly by clicking on the Viking Longship.



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