Reopening of the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven

Professor Boffin, the local Cumbrian professor of Fun Science, was at the opening of the new Sellafield Gallery as part of the new revamped Beacon Museum in Whitehaven at the end of May. However, if you look at the local media you wouldn’t realise it, as they were all squawking on about that Professor Brian Cox bloke off the telly.

He did a couple of talks about particle physics and stuff, but who wants to hear all that guff from some boring bloke with shiny teeth off the telly, when you could be learning about Fun Science you can do at home?

So I asked him to come upstairs where I was entertaining everyone who couldn’t get in to see him, when he had finished his talks. There I challenged him to a very simple physics competition. Fun Science vs. Particle Physics.

I won, of course, and here are the pictures showing it. Just click on them to open the gallery.

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