Links to Useful Sites

Close Friends

SV Educational Services  has very close ties to all of these people. If we cannot help you try the links here first.

Hwicce – Bjarni was a founder member of this group but headed north, so he doesn’t see as much of them as he’d like to.

Gripping History – Very experienced school visitors covering the 5th – 14th centuries, based in Cambridgeshire.

Traders, Invaders, Raiders – They have a Viking longboat and do school visits in the midlands.

Herlid Vikings – Cumbria’s foremost Viking re-enactment group.

Cumbria Heritage – An archaeologist and historical interpreter specialising in Romans

Wild Dog Outdoors – They specialise in bushcraft and Celtic re-enactment.

Barrow Dock Museum – See the Furness Viking Hoard and much more.

Iron Shepherds Living History – Cumbrian re-enactment group, mainly 12th – 13th century.

Platty+ Watersports – These guys have a Viking boat you can actually sail on Derwent Water.

Glasgow Vikings – One of the most vicious and miserly gangs of cutthroats you can imagine.

Volsung Vikings – A fearsome band based in York.

The Vikings! – Britain’s oldest and most successful Dark Age re-enactment society.

Herbal Doodahs – Handmade natural soaps and salves.

Pixie Creations – A general arts and crafts site, but has made most of my costume at very reasonable prices.

Rent-a-Peasant – Providing an insight into everyday aspects of rural life in the past, from a housewife’s viewpoint. They are excellent.

Other Interesting Sites

Lake Moments Blog – A fantastic description of the 2011 Lindisfarne event, which we attended.

North Lakes Historical Fencing – These guys use actual medieval fighting techniques and are terrifying.

Glima – The original Viking wrestling style.

Eldrimner – Experiments with Viking cooking.

The Viking Answer Lady – Everything you want to know about Vikings.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge Society – A group dedicated to promoting the second major battle of 1066.

Murton Park – After you’ve had Bjarni at your school you could take them here to try out their new skills.

Jorvik Viking Centre – The best place for all things Viking. (Apart from us.)

Historical Suppliers

We have personally used all of these suppliers and can wholeheartedly recommend them for any historical re-enactor.

Merchant of Menace – Pretty much anything can be bought from here for Vikings.

Armourclass – Probably the UK’s best sword makers at the moment.

Paul Binns Swords – Apart from this guy, who is also superb.

Asgard Crafts – The best Celtic and Viking jewelry maker I know.

Viking Crafts – A wide selection of items.

Thorhild Skarthisdottir – High quality Viking clothing and school visits in the North East.

Wordsmith Crafts – Blacksmithing, manuscripts, school visits in Scotland. This guy is superb.

Jelling Dragon – If none of the above can help, this guy usually can.

Silent Forest Creations – A local wood turner in Ravenglass. All his items are made on a pole lathe using handmade tools.

Science Communication

A variety of sites to do with science and science communications
On-Show – A production organisation specialising in science communication shows and presenters.

Sustainable Science – Specialise in science shows about sustainability, global citizenship and music.

To the Blue – The trading arm of Huw James, science communicator and adventurer.

Scientific & Chemical Supplies – Where we get our chemicals from.



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