Lindisfarne Gospels Workshop

The Lindisfarne Gospels Workshop


The Lindisfarne Gospels WorkshopThis high quality Lindisfarne Gospels workshop is based upon our very successful English Heritage event The Making of the Lindisfarne Gospels. The Lindisfarne Gospels workshop is suitable for KS2 pupils studying Anglo-Saxons or Vikings in primary schools, and pupils wanting a new aspect to their art studies at KS3 and KS4 in secondary schools. It is also suitable for museums, historical events or festivals.

“I would highly recommend a visit from Brother Mellitus. All of the learning from the visit was delivered within the context of the Lindisfarne Gospels. Your teaching was well-informed and your authoritative delivery style matched the needs and age of the class, as well as the demands of your position as Brother Mellitus!”
Y5 Teacher, Seascale School

Lead by Brother Mellitus, and fusing Science, Literacy, Art and History, our new Lindisfarne Gospels workshop is truly cross-curricular. Discover the science and history behind ink making and pigments used in the world famous Gospels. The complete workshop is approximately three hours long and is split into two halves, which can both be run independently if that suits you better.

Lindisfarne Gospels Workshop PigmentsThe first part is all about the script used in the Gospels and how to make the ink. Your pupils will be able to make iron gall ink, exactly as Bishop Eadfrith did in the early 8th century, then use a feather quill to write in half uncial script.

The second part is all about the pigments used to make the wonderful illuminations and artwork in the Gospels. Your pupils will find out which pigments were used and where they came from, then grind their own pigments to make paint, using non-toxic tempura paint blocks, and design their own illuminated name. This section can also be extended to look at further aspects of the Gospels, such as knotwork and the carpet pages.

Although the workshop is based around The Lindisfarne Gospels it can be tailored to which ever time you want within the medieval period when these techniques were used. The workshop can also be tailored to last between 30 – 60 minutes as a lecture/demonstration or short activity, depending upon your requirements. It is also recommended as a STEM activity, as it details the use of Chemistry in relation to inks and pigments.

Both parts of the Lindisfarne Gospels workshop start with a short presentation leading in to the various activities. If done in a school classroom Brother Mellitus will require a PC for a USB memory stick, with a projector and interactive whiteboard, and the classroom tables will need to be covered as, especially when grinding the pigments, things can get a bit messy. Up to 30 children can be accommodated at one time in the classroom.

The Lindisfarne Gospels Workshop is charged at our standard full day rate.

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