History Pricing

How Much do we Cost?

Our pricing takes into account the cost of wear and tear on our artifacts and other resources (almost everything we supply is designed to be handled to provide a truly interactive experience).

School and Museum Prices

Full Day

For a full day of activities: £195 + travel & accommodation* + cost of materials**

Half Day

For a morning or afternoon session of standard activities: £150 + travel & accommodation*

Evening Talk Prices

For a 1hr talk to a local history or interest group we charge by distance from Seascale in Cumbria:

Up to 20 miles: £40

21 – 70 miles: £60

71+ miles: £100

Historical Events

For a full day at a historical event with one of our characters doing a fully authentic Living History display the standard price is £350/day + travel and accommodation*. Discounts are available for events lasting two or more days.

Viking Shows

Our shows range in size from a few Viking warriors with a couple of tents to full scale battle re-enactments with over a hundred warriors. The prices feature a sliding scale based upon the size of show and content you require, ranging between £500 to £4000 or more. For a detailed quote based upon your exact requirements please contact us.

Workshops and Presentations

Some of our workshops and presentations are individually priced. Please check the appropriate page for specific pricing.

Terms of Payment

Payment via BACS is preferred, with all invoices having a 10 day payment term from the date of the event. If payment by cheque is required, payment must be made on the day of the event.

* See our main Prices page for details. Accommodation is only charged where an overnight stay is necessary and has been negotiated with the client.
** Some of our activities require extra consumable materials which will be charged for at cost price. Receipts can be produced upon request. Alternatively, the client can provide their own materials.

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