Historical Events Testimonials


SV Educational Services is proud of all the effort and hard work we put into our historical interpretation events and workshops. This is reflected in the comments and testimonials we have had from our customers.
Tullie House Family Friendly Day
“At Tullie House Museum we regularly use SV Education Services as a way to add something unique to our formal and informal learning programmes. SV Education Services interpret history using real historical characters and replica objects to bring history to life. The content of the sessions they deliver are of a high standard and quality using factual interesting nuggets of information that connect us in the present day to our ancestors from the past, sparking a fascination in people who are intrigued to hear more! Terry’s passion and knowledge shines through. Here at Tullie we are very much looking forward to working with Terry again soon.

Some of our visitor comments from our recent Viking special event;

‘The Viking guy was great, my children were fascinated and loved learning how to make a shield wall!’

‘We loved meeting the Viking, he really looks like a Viking, is he a real Viking?’

Catherine Gruba

Schools & Families Coordinator

Viking Day at St. Catherine’s School in Penrith


What a fantastic day we spent finding out all about life as a Viking! The children were thoroughly engaged and enthused about their new topic. As a teacher the opportunity to handle artifacts and develop an understanding of a different time and place in history to our own is invaluable. The experiences the children have had today will no doubt be remembered by them for many years to come.

Many Many thanks

Nic Ashby
St Catherine’s Catholic Primary, Penrith


We were treated to a wide-ranging and very interesting talk on the Vikings or rather the 8th to 14th C Scandinavian adventurers in general and then in particular how they affected Britain.

Terry can apparently tailor his talks about the Vikings according to interests and can focus on their journeys, their religion, their fighting, invading and seamanship abilities and how they lived domestically and as farmers.

The talk he gave us was an overall view as has been developed in more recent historical studies and our group thought the way that the whole subject was covered with his excellent demonstrations of reproduction items from their everyday lives and how they were probably used was memorable as was his illustration of the use of various weapons to fragment a turnip! 

Excellent educational entertainment which should suit most age groups.

Len Watson

Alchemy at Muncaster Castle

Thanks very much for bringing your Tudor Alchemist character Albert Harvey to the Wars of the Roses days of our Living History Week. We were really pleased with how well this fitted in with the other period re-enactors onsite for the event. We had many positive comments both from them and from the public about how well-developed the character was and the depth of knowledge you had to share with customers of all ages; certainly we were aware that you drew a crowd throughout the day! Muncaster has always seen the benefits of having your personae at our events and we’re delighted with this addition to your portfolio. Looking forward to seeing you here again soon.

Muncaster Castle Events Team

Viking Day at Wennington Hall School

Wennington Hall School is a special state secondary school for boys with behavioural and other difficulties, rated outstanding by OFSTED. I was asked to provide a Viking day for Key Stage 3 students. Despite the wide range of difficulties the students have they made me feel more welcome than I have in any other school, and Bjarni really enjoyed his visit there. It looks like the students and teachers enjoyed the day too:

Lots of great feedback from the boys about the day’s events Terry, I hope you enjoyed it too. The head was very pleased with your input and we will certainly try to find a good excuse to get you back sometime in the future.
Best wishes
Peter T

More Praise for Bjarni


Thank you for the fantastic Viking day that you provided. Your character is well developed and you are clearly very knowledgeable about your subject. You have provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to our children, which has enhanced their interests to a totally new height. The parents have commented, stating that their children loved the experience.

I hope to have you back again in future years.

Comments from Children

  1. “The shield wall was fantastic!”
  2. “I loved seeing the real life weapons!”
  3. And my favourite. “Can Bjarni come back every day?”

Garstang School Y3 Vikings

Warmest Regards,
Liam Marshall
Garstang Community Primary School (Year 3 Class Teacher & PE Coordinator)

The Lindisfarne Gospels Workshop

“A very engaging morning. The children were interested and motivated. They really enjoyed making their own inks and both staff and pupils were fascinated by the process!” On our new feedback form (long overdue) the Excellent box was ticked for the quality of the workshop. 

Sandra Cummings, Y5 Teacher, Black Combe Junior School, Millom

“Dear Terry,

Thank you so much for your visit to Seascale Year 5. Your workshop as Brother Mellitus was a fantastic learning experience for all of our class. In the words of one girl, it was “a history, a science and a literacy lesson all in one!”

The children were taken on an atmospheric journey into the past, where the desire to make written and lasting records necessitated experimentation with inks and mark-making tools. They learned how to make ink by grinding gallnuts using stones and slates and suspended this powder in liquid for writing purposes. They used quills sharpened with a penknife to write on antiqued manuscript paper using their hand made ink.  Brother Mellitus was informative and engaging and the children were captivated by the entire experience of his visit. It was obvious that the class would have enjoyed another session of writing using the quill and ink once they had mastered controlling the flow of ink!

I would highly recommend a visit from Brother Mellitus. All of the learning from the visit was delivered within the context of the Lindisfarne Gospels. Your teaching was well-informed and your authoritative delivery style matched the needs and age of the class, as well as the demands of your position as Brother Mellitus!

Thank you so much for your visit!”

Penny Thompson

Class Teacher, Year 5

Making of the Gospels, Lindisfarne Priory

We were part of a team lead by Raiders Traders and Invaders,  including Wordsmith Crafts and Visiting Vikings, showing how the Lindisfarne Gospels were made. We supplied equipment and materials for iron gall ink making, and had a display and activity showing how the coloured pigments were made. The second day was exciting as the weather closed in, the site was flooded, and three tents blew down. This is what they had to say:

Hi Terry,
I have finally landed back at home and can reply to you properly. I’d like to say a big thank you for the display you put on for the public , your level of commitment and depth of knowledge. I would also like to thank you for helping out in a crisis, when things didn’t go to plan you were there to help me sort things out and to do ‘damage limitation’.

Russ Scott,
Director, Traders, Invaders and Raiders

Loggerheads Country Park, North Wales

We worked with Russ and Liz Scott of Traders Invaders and Raiders to bring the newly restored historical water mill to life for a weekend at Loggerheads Country Park, near Mold in North Wales.

Many many thanks for everything you put into the weekend – it was fantastic to see the area transformed. Your attention to detail was tremendous and really created a very special atmosphere. We have had so much positive feedback from visitors who have said how much they enjoyed the event. The way you transformed the Education centre into a Victorian kitchen was incredible. What was particularly nice was the real characters from history that you managed to recreated – through your research. This meant the event had real interpretative value for the park. As you know we have worked hard to get these buildings open to the public and to retain their historical character – you have certainly helped to create that sense of a special area. 

Many thanks again .. we would love to do something similar in the future 


David Shiel
Uwch Swyddog Cefn Gwlad – Senior Countryside Officer

Member of Public:

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed watching your re-enactments and meeting you at the Steam rally at Distington and at Egremont castle. I think its great what you are doing, and very informative. I see you are going to Lindisfarne, my partner and myself were thinking of coming to watch and show support!



Muncaster Castle:

Dear Terry

On behalf of all the team here at Muncaster Castle, I am writing to thank you for your brilliant contribution to our Festival in May. Not only did you look the part of Bjarni Thorvaldrson the Viking, but you truly lived as he would have done! Our visitors thoroughly enjoyed learning all about daily life in that period and we’re really looking forward to having you here with us again in August.

With very best wishes

Andy Chase, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Muncaster Castle


This is a home educator who runs a blog. She came to the Jorvik Viking Festival and wrote a report about it. About half way down there is a photo of Bjarni and underneath she had some very kind things to say about him:

“For me, this man gets my biggest thumbs up of the day – he was great!  Really enthusiastic and a mine of interesting information.  He had a table-top full of interesting things for the children to hold and ask questions about and I felt that he really brought the objects to life with his descriptions of how they were used and what life might be like for the children had they lived as Vikings.”

You can see the rest of what she had to say about Bjarni, and the rest of the Jorvik Viking Festival here:


Greengate Junior School, Barrow-in-Furness:

Historical Events testimonials - Greengate

Some girls made this for me during break

Dear Terry,

A massive thanks for a fantastic day. The children had a great day and the teachers and teaching assistants loved it too. They have learnt so much more from you being in the school than they ever could have through books. Please find attached some of the pictures I took on the day. My wife has sent some to the local press and I will let you know if they are in this week.

Many thanks and I hope we meet again.

                                                          Steve Hillman

Greystoke School, near Penrith:

Historical events testimonials - Thanks Bjarni

Historical events testimonials - thankyou letters

Dear Terry,

Many thanks for a fantastic visit to Greystoke School last week. We had a fantastic day and the children have picked up so much knowledge and understanding about Viking life – and their enthusiasm this week has been great! I was listening in to four of the girls role playing as Viking children at play time this week – grinding grain, feeding animals and playing games. The children have also really enjoyed writing as if they were Viking children and this showed how much they had learnt from your visit too!

Many thanks for a great day,
Sophie Heron.

Eaglesfield Paddle CE Primary Academy, near Cockermouth:

Historical events testimonials - Eaglesfield

Dear Terry,

Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and jam packed learning day last week. All the children and adults had nothing but praise for your enthusiasm, knowledge and your interaction with everyone.
You certainly met our expectations and needs, and the children are even more inspired to learn more about the Vikings.

Thankyou messages from the children will hopefully arrive next week.

All best wishes and once again many thanks.

Cath and the Year 3 and 4 team.

Barrow Dock Museum
“What a great event! The Vikings invaded the Barrow Dock Museum with a longboat, weapons, outfits, replica equipment and most of all a whole lot of fabulous information on the Vikings, A great day for children and adults alike. Thank you, we hope you’ll be back!”
St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School
“Bjarni Thorvaldrson spent the day with the pupils of Class 3, explaining what life was like in Viking times. They found out how to hunt wild boar, listened to the story of when Thor met Utgard-Loki, learnt how to fight in a shield wall, played Kubb, 9 Men’s Morris and Maya, and made butter.”

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