The Fun Science Show

The Fun Science Show


Fun Science

The Fun Science Show

Education meets entertainment in this brand new science show for all ages! See how National Curriculum science can be brought to life using everyday objects such as squash bottles, leaf blowers and fizzy drinks – this show is a great all-rounder, demonstrating many different science topics in one fun show! Many of of the demonstrations can be done at home, or repeated later in the classroom.

The Fun Science Show helps children see that science is all around us, and that all sorts of apparently separate phenomena are actually related in surprising ways. While a few of the demonstrations should definitely not be tried at home, most can safely be taken into the classroom or living room.

With plenty of volunteers needed during this show you can be sure that the audience will be kept on their toes, and the show always promotes a lot of discussion afterwards.

The show lasts for 45-60 minutes and can be performed up to five times per day. While suitable for a classroom or lab it is best performed in a hall for larger audiences.

Curriculum topics covered: Forces, Pressure, Chemical reactions, Magnetism, Materials

Running Time: 45-60 mins

Setup Time: 30 mins, 15 mins turnaround between shows

Age suitability: KS1-4, Public audiences

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