The Fire Show

The Fire Show


Fire Show Whoosh Bottle
The Whoosh Bottle

The Fire Show is a spectacular curriculum-based show all about the Fire Triangle specially designed for schools. This interactive presentation gives pupils the chance to see cornstarch fireballs, exploding crisp tubes, burning ice,  and the fabulous fire tornado! All while learning about changing materials, the chemistry of combustion, and the physics of coloured flames.

The Fire Show is in the form of a lecture demonstration and looks in detail at the three parts of the Fire Triangle in the first part of the show, then shows how the Fire Triangle can be controlled to make things burn better or not at all. It features some new twists on classic school classroom demonstrations,and stitches them all together in a show that will not be soon forgotten by the audience.

The show lasts for about an hour and can be performed up to four times per day. It can be performed in a school classroom or lab, but is best seen in a hall or large lecture theatre. The demonstrations in The Fire Show have been specially chosen to produce minimal amounts of smoke, so if your hall has smoke detectors it is quite safe to perform even if they cannot be disabled for the show.

Curriculum topics covered: Simple chemical reactions, Reactions of metals, Flame tests

Running Time: 45-60 mins

Setup Time: 45 mins, 20 mins turnaround between shows

Age suitability: KS2, KS3, KS4, Public audiences


“The best thing I’ve ever seen!”, “My favourite part of the whole festival!”

Audience feedback from The British Science Festival

“An entertaining, fast paced, stimulating and informative performance which had our children on the edge of their seats. We would thoroughly recommend The Fire  Show for all children!”

Mrs. G. Hartley, Head, Seascale Primary School

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