Experiment with the Vikings

Experiment with the Vikings

In November 2014 we were commissioned to write a primary school resource called Experiment with the Vikings for the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The aim was to include relevant STEM activities for primary schools teaching a topic about the Vikings.

In surprisingly short order we were able to put together nearly fifty STEM-based activities, most original, some inspired by similar activities our research uncovered. Here at SV Educational Services we are passionate about History and STEM and believe that the two are definitely not mutually exclusive. The best thing about writing this resource is knowing that it is totally free to download and use by primary school teachers, and other interested people, all over the world. For the first time (to our knowledge) there is now a high quality free Vikings and STEM resource available globally.

Experiment with the Vikings comprehensively covers the key aspects of study of the Vikings at primary school level:Experiment with the Vikings

Why did the Vikings invade the British Isles?

Why were the Vikings so effective at warfare and raiding?

What was everyday life like in Viking times?

How do archaeologists find out about people and life in Viking times?

It is structured so that all activities have key words for focus, teachers notes, context in the form of a narrative showing the life of a Viking called Leif Sigurdson, questions that can be asked during the activities, equipment lists, related activities, and in-depth explanations for the questions explored in the activities. All of the activities are classified according to the STEM subject they cover, and marked as to whether they are pupil activities or teacher demonstrations. Of course, any special health and safety aspects of individual activities are also included where necessary.

The resource is already available for download on the RSC website but will be officially launched at the Big Bang Fair at the NEC between the 11th and 14th March 2015, with information available at our own stand and at the RSC stand.

We are very proud and excited to have worked with the RSC on this project, and we hope you enjoy the resource.

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