Evening Talks

Evening Talks

We can offer a selection of 60 minute evening talks for local WI groups, Local History groups, or other general interest groups with an interest in science or history. At present we can travel up to 100 miles from Seascale, on the west coast of Cumbria. Invitations from further afield may be considered if overnight accommodation can be offered. See here for prices.

Excellent educational entertainment which should suit most age groups.

Len Watson, Secretary, Drigg Local History Group


Current offerings are:

Life and warfare in the Viking Age – a general talk abut Vikings, including aspects of local history

Iron Gall Ink and use in old Manuscripts – a talk about the ink used in medieval manuscripts and how it was made

A Short History of Alchemy – a general talk about the history of alchemy and how it relates to modern chemistry

Ultra-marine Blue and Vermilion: Sacred Pigments – the spiritual and alchemical aspects of two special medieval pigments

Kitchen Science – fun science demonstrations you can do at home with the children

For historical talks I do tend to do them in historical costume, but can refrain if requested.

For more details please contact us.

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