British Science Festival 2013 Feedback

We’ve just had the official feedback from the British Science Festival Young People’s Programme and the results are better than we could have hoped. The section about the student feedback starts with:

“Overall the Fire Show was the most popular activity with both KS2 and 3 pupils. The comments highlight that the spectacular demonstration, links to everyday materials and general air of danger were hugely engaging.”

Analysis of the feedback forms shows that 41.3% of KS2 pupils and 47.0% of KS3 pupils said The Fire Show was their favourite thing at the festival.

The pupils were asked if they found out anything surprising and The Fire Show responses were:

“That cornflour is explosive
Fire is really dangerous
Batteries + Steel Wool = Fire “

Of course, students often enthuse about these sorts of things. The really hard ones to impress are the teachers. So what did they have to say?

Average teacher ratings (all of the activities were scored out of 4):

Key Stage 2 teacher rating 3.64

Key Stage 3 teacher rating 3.60

Teacher Comments:

Key Stage 2:

A great show. The children were very impressed!
Big wow factor for kids and their fave.
Definitely aimed at upper KS2. Delivered enthusiastically.
Good fun – shame some things didn’t work but that’s live shows!”

Key Stage 3:

“Although as a science teacher I had seen many of the demos before, none of our year 7s had seen anything like it.
Fantastic – excellent presentation. Great explanations of science.
Students really enjoyed this.
The presenter had a very long beard. Health and safety!!!!!”

We are obviously very pleased with these results especially as, being a relatively new organisation, we had our doubts about whether we were experienced enough to present our flagship science show at The British Science Festival Young People’s Programme. However, you can never progress unless you take risks. We took a risk and it turned out we were the most popular event there. Even other science presenters turned up to see what all the fuss was about and only had good things to say about The Fire Show. Many thanks to Corylus Education and Sparks Education for organising The Young People’s Programme, especially for booking Fun Science and, finally, for the hard work of ploughing through nearly two thousand feedback forms to prepare the feedback report.

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